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Run Fast Mama

I always felt something was missing in my life, turned out what was missing was feeling great, being healthy, and having energy.

I gained a lot of weight after I adopted my kids, I focused on feeding them healthy foods but let myself go. During this time I also developed life threatening food allergies as well as depression.

After my allergy diagnosis, I switched gears, got my life started and became an inspiration to others.

Now I use my story and experiences to help people achieve their life goals through nutrition, fitness, and a positive mindset.

My passions are supporting others with living a healthy, balanced life, weight loss, weight training and allergy free and paleo nutrition.

Daily I coach, teach, motivate, and empower others to learn what they need to do become their best possible selves. It is not easy balancing it all as a single working mother, but I love what I do and love looking amaziing while doing it!