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Style Spotlight: Jaclyn Trop

IMG_4467Meet, Jaclyn Trop, award-winning journalist and automotive reporter of Detroit, LA, and New York. Last year, she featured an interview on Styleshack's founder, Rachel Schostak, on Fortune Magazine. Now it's our chance to feature this Leading Lady's incredible accomplishments.

{SS}: Can you tell us a bit about your background?  How long have you been a journalist?fortune

{Jaclyn Trop}: I’ve always loved to write. I authored my first story at age 2, about crocodile’s birthday party, as my mom tapped my words into the typewriter (an actual typewriter!). My first national story was published in Rolling Stone Australia when I was 21, and I’ve been working as a journalist ever since. After graduating from Columbia Journalism School, I moved to Detroit to report for The Detroit News and then for The New York Times.

{SS}: What is your current job?

 marie-claire{Jaclyn Trop}: After five years in Detroit, I relocated to Los Angeles to write about the automotive industry for a number of publications, from Fortune and Fast Company, to Marie Claire and Men’s Health. I am also a juror for the 2016 World Car Awards, so my job is to drive as many new cars as possible.

{SS}: Best part about your job? Can you share any highlights of your career thus far?

{Jaclyn Trop}: Not only do I get to travel the world to drive cars across gorgeous landscapes, I have the privilege of highlighting the women breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry. My favorite day on the job entailed waking up at 3 a.m. to be interviewed by John Hockenberry on The Takeaway right after Mary Barra was named C.11210499_1596960293898345_3567991539243148744_nE.O. of General Motors. These are exciting times.

{SS}: I'm sure you have interviewed many talented and interesting individuals, are there any specific interviews that stand out?

{Jaclyn Trop}: Sitting down with rock stars, governors, and Fortune 500 C.E.O.s is always fun, but the interviews that stand out are the ones where a great friendship is born, such as the time I interviewed the dazzling entrepreneur who went on to become the founder of Styleshack.

{SS}: Coolest place you've traveled to for work? 

{Jaclyn Trop}: Last year, I spent three weeks driving through the Moroccan Sahara with the world’s largest all-1925279_10102153033744920_2063749911_nfemale motor sporting event, the Gazelles Rally. I wrote about it for Marie Claire; there is actually a photograph of me in the magazine pushing our Mitsubishi Pajero through the sand dunes. In October, I circumnavigated the globe, traveling to Japan to report on the  Tokyo Motor Show, followed by a trip to Malaga to drive the new Mercedes c-class coupe at the Circuito Ascari racetrack. 

{SS}: IMG_4455Any advice for aspiring journalists? {Jaclyn Trop}: Be interested in everything. Even if you can’t see an immediate benefit, you can trust that interest will serve you well down the road. 

{SS}: YOUR secret to work / life balance? Also what is your favorite style or fashion App?

{Jaclyn Trop}: I heard Julianne Hough say at Create + Cultivate (a beautiful conference series created by my friend Jaclyn Johnson) that she just tries to make every day the best day ever. That’s always been my approach.

For apps, my favorites are Pinterest and Rent the Runway. The Drybar app is my go-to because you can book an appointment with just a few taps. Life is too short to wrestle a hairdryer.  

Now onto your personal stumblr_inline_mjm6em5E171qz4rgptyle...   

{SS}: In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature accessory?

{Jaclyn Trop}: Oversized pearl earrings and Tory Burch flats, seven days a week.

{SS}: A few items in your "Styleshack" A.K.A closet that you can't live without?

{Jaclyn Trop}: In my closet, you will see nothing but black shift dresses.

{SS}: Who inspires your style?  Favorite Style Icon? 

{Jaclyn Trop}: Jackie Kennedy

{SS}: Style Archetype?


{SS}: Your Styleshack fall picks? 

1. Ramy Brook: Carina Top SHE-Stores

2. Marc Cain Leather Jacket Hersh’s

3. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Surplice Cashmere Sweater Cusp by Neiman Marcus

4.  Sam NY Double Downtown in Olive Guys N Gals

5. A.L.C. Ryan Dress in Black Hersh’s

6. Nicole Miller Artelier: Lace Flare Dress SHE-Stores

7. Medium Pendant Rebel Nell

{SS}: Favorite Blog you love to read? 

{Jaclyn Trop}: It’s fall, so I am constantly monitoring ESPN and NFL.com to make sure my fantasy football team, Trop Town, is in top shape. tender

{SS}:  Favorite local boutiques?

{Jaclyn Trop}: Whenever I’m in Boston, I always make sure to visit Holiday and Moxie on Beacon Hill’s Charles Street. In Detroit, it’s SHE and Tender.

{SS}: Favorite local restaurants? 

{Jaclyn Trop}: West Hollywood has an embarrassment of riches: Dan Tana’s, an old-school Italian place on Santa Monica Boulevard, Craig’s on Melrose because you never know whom craigs_s345x230you’ll see, and Chateau Marmont, which is across the street from my apartment, for Sunday fried chicken dinner.

{SS}: Currently listening to… 

{Jaclyn Trop}: The Beatles, Bee Gees and Bread. Some people care about how quickly their car can go from 0 to 60. What matters most to me is how quickly I can navigate to Sirius XM 70s on 7. 

{SS}: Currently reading?

{Jaclyn Trop}: Auto Repair for Dummies and Japanese Cultural Encounters & How to Handle Them 

{SS}: Words to Live by?

{Jaclyn Trop}: I saw this spray-painted on Santa Monica Boulevard for West Hollywood’s celebration of National Poetry Month: If we jump up now, our far will be near."  

You Can Read More About Jaclyn Trop and follow her Publications at JaclynTrop.com

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